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“An Economist will know tomorrow why the things he predicted yesterday didn't happen today” - Laurence J. Peter

About Us

About Us

Economatrix is a student-led initiative that is dedicated towards the love and passion for economics and finances. A platform which hosts policymaking competitions, economania quizzes, blog competitions, and expert-held content sessions on economics and environmental policy. At Economatrix, through this initiative, we aim to pique the interest of people regarding economics and finances, to form a community of like-minded people who possess a deep interest in Economics and the latest topics in the economic world.



We aim to create and empower the community that is built around the values of interest in Economics and modern changes that are adopted in the modern world. A community where all the economic enthusiasts, learners and people with experience in the same department come together and discuss, debate and develop their knowledge in Economics with business.


We provide our community with the best resources, links, seminars, articles and newsletters by which the people of our community are able to learn, understand and develop a deep interest in Economics. 

The quality of output is essential to us and we make sure that our community gets the best of resources from all around the internet.

Live Seminar

We firmly believe that learning should never stop and in wake of our beliefs, we conduct online seminars and sessions where the economic enthusiasts and learners come and discuss the latest news and what’s poppin’ around the globe.

Our community learns, debates and grows as a whole in the seminars and we ensure a positive environment amongst the people of our community.



Take a look at our upcoming events, Keep your eyes peeled for it.

Speaker Session

6th June, 2022

We have invited an expert on Economics to Neerja Modi School to discuss the effects of inflation on the economy in the long-term and how countries tackle it.

Live Workshop

13th June, 2022

We will conduct a 1-Hour workshop with the students of Class 6th to 8th and give them a brief about basic economics and how to understand economic news.

Economics Week

20th June, 2022

We will conduct a week long event where students will participate in various activities such as quizzes, workshops, and speaker sessions.


1st & 3rd August, 2022

SPECULATE 1.0 was an inter-school price-index speculation competition where students had to predict the prices of commodities in response to real-life events.

Recent Events Held

Take a peek at our events archive, the events we have conducted and the best moments of it!

Recent Events Held


We had 80+ students from various schools across the country. SPECULATE was a live price-index speculation competition, where students had to predict how the prices of commodities will change in response to real-life situations.

Recent Events Held

Speaker Session

We conducted a Speaker session with Class 10th students of Neerja Modi School, Jaipur where our expert taught students about the important of economics in our current world.

Economic Quiz

Economic Quiz

We conducted a fun and educational activity with the students of Class 6th - 8th where we divided students into teams and conducted a rapid-fire round competitions based on simple economic facts and figures.

Expert Workshop

Expert Workshop

We invited an economic expert to teach the importance of economics to the students of Class 11th and 12th. The workshop consisted of various activities, quizzes, and fun analogies to get students interested in this field of study.

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People we have collaborated with from all over the world to preserve and inspire the interest of Economics! We collaborate with great like-minded individuals and host events, seminars with an aim to bring people together to have intellectual discussions and debates.

Shishir Shrivastava Mentor

Having personally worked with the students I am confident that this team will do wonders in their upcoming years. It was a great experience working with you guys.

Tushar Saini Mentor

It was a really great experience interacting with school students and teaching them the importance of Economics. It was a very well organized event.

Himadri Sharma Mentor

It is so wholesome to see school students encouraging their peers and juniors to learn about the importance of economics in daily life.