What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities for like minded people that grow, learn and move together towards a common destination.


Economatrix solely believes in bringing like minded people together and collectively, working towards a better and an educated nation. 
This initiative is carried out smoothly and is supported by hosting events, debates and discussions on various topics and aspects related to economics.

Collaborating with big educational institutes, independent organizations, schools, colleges, reputed individuals, newspapers, news delivering businesses and startups and more to get our idea across acres of people. To create a wave of learning about economics, to make it a never-ending trend. Intellectual debates, mind-bending opinions, well researched facts are always the key highlights of our events. 

Providing a platform, opportunity to take part in debates and discussions, newsletters, articles and great pieces of information with higher accuracy of truth. We provide our community with the absolute best; we provide the tables, plates, good dishes and make it one impactful experience for our community.

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Our Team

How to join the community

The Application

Technology advances our operations, it binds us together. 

Download the official Economatrix Application from Google Play Store and join the community. Be a part of the wave of Economics. 


A like minded circle is all an individual needs to grow and be better.

Have a personalized interaction with our economists and enthusiasts. Connect with them and with new people and step in the community of Economics and Learning!